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Filtered In Winter

Today is the first of a precious few winter days without rain & the first time I have had to get out into my garden & explore. It is a different place in the winter – the plants either go dormant or thrive. There are hues of brown & purple that are not visible in other months.

I find the garden to be one of the only places I can go to just be where I do not have to think. My mind clears & I lose hours in a sunny afternoon pottering about. Without the garden I would be lost. Sometimes it is not enough to look out from my kitchen window; I was pleased to get out in the sunlight today & took my camera with me.

I have been experimenting with coloured & macro lens filters – it is much more difficult than I imagined. There is no ‘point & shoot’ scenario – it takes time & patience; both of which I find sparse at the moment. The first of our winter blooms came out of hiding with the unseasonable sun – I hope there will be more in the days to come.

Strawberry Bloom - July 2014 © Violet Ashes 2014

Strawberry Bloom – July 2014 © Violet Ashes 2014

Violet - July 2014 © Violet Ashes 2014

Violet – July 2014 © Violet Ashes 2014

Violet Succulent - July 2014 © Violet Ashes 2014

Violet Succulent – July 2014 © Violet Ashes 2014


I have known Violet for a very, very long time. Some might say, I have always known her. She will always be a part of my life, whether I ever physically meet her, or not.
There are times, like now, when the house is quiet & there is nothing to do that I can almost hear her, calling me from the backyard pond, covered in mud, ankle-deep in tadpoles with a daisy chain in her hair… “Mum…!”

Please Please Please


“I guess it’s going to have to hurt,
I guess I’m going to have to cry
And let go of some things
I’ve loved to get to the other side.
I guess it’s going to break me down
Like fallin’ when you try to fly,
Sad but sometimes moving on
With the rest of your life,
Starts with goodbye”
~~ Carrie Underwood


A Violet Shaded Family

Family are the people who you choose to be around when there is no one else you’d rather talk to. They’re your Husband, your dog, your cat, the friend you made by happy circumstance & kept in touch with for years. They are the people you can rely on. The people you can go to when the most strife strikes. Family are those that are there to bail you out of lock up, to hand you water when you’re drunk or hung over, the people who cling to you at the worst moments and at the best.
I don’t have to ask myself who my family are. They are everything to me and even if I don’t see them for extended periods of time because we all lead busy lives I know that they will be there when I need them and vice versa no matter what. We can pick up where we left off and that’s that. They bring smiles to my face like no one else can.
I am not referring to that ‘family’ that you only see at weddings, funerals and Xmas. They are, of course, important in your life. They are essential to you and your humanity. ‘Family’ should not be a term only applied to those linked to you by blood. It should be a term linked with love. Linked with blood, sweat, tears, laughter. There are so many parts and petals that make up my families and I am pleased to know every one of them; from the seeds to the flowers.  None of us can do this alone, none of us.

I love my families… All of them.

Absolut Violet :: Keep Calm

A difficult day at work today – I was called a few charming names by someone who is my senior. I did try to tell him that only my Husband has permission to call me those things & while that is at his own risk & will almost certainly get him laid it is most likely to get anyone else punched.

 Now I am home & safe – it is time for a vodka

Absolut Violet

Absolut Violet