I awoke on possibly the most uncomfortable couch on planet Earth this morning. Collapsed there after staying up most of the night keeping an eye on Violet. She doesn’t say a lot, our Violet, but she doesn’t need to either.
There will come a time when she is going to need to pull herself together & work out what it is that she really wants & why she chases a new story before she’s finished the last episode. Her whole life is like previews of new beginnings that never really come to life. I think Violet knows what it is that she wants but is too gutless to really chase it. Only, maybe she likes living in anticipation of finally making the right choices.
I’ve been watching Violet for so many years trying to work out the method in her madness but I don’t think there is a clear recipe. She goes about her own demise in so many ways & I don’t know how she continually adds to it without significant destruction.
The uncomfortableness of the couch is what kept me awake really, for hours. Thinking. Violet has so much potential…
Mood: Restless

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