Sector 2 & 3

There’s a knack to all this life suff you know. Violet has the recipe. Once you get your life in order and start to pop your head up around the world there are a few things that happen to you.

1. You find friends you thought you’d lost (great thing!)
2. The people you thought should be the most supportive start finding new ways to put you down 3. People come out of the wood work and start wanting a piece of it. People who should know better.

Bothering me are particular is points 2 and 3, though Violet insists they are essential to the recipe.

Point 1 tends to take care of itself, no souffle there, no perfect measurements. Those last 2 though there is no one to trust in those sectors and it is not even worth trying. If it is not being done their way or in a way that benefits them they will spit chips. You’ll find yourself thinking “how can I please them?” WRONG!!!! Ding Ding Ding Time Out!!! Don’t fall for this one.

The sad truth is that even those you think are most close to you will try to sway your way in a direction that best suits them. Believe me, it will not be of benefit to you. Here is the cream on top – if it is not of benefit to you and your growth and you are happy where you are then it is worth the pain of telling them to go bake themselves in an oven somewhere.

Speaking of which Violet left the buns in the oven too long, dinner will be interesting, I will have to go and sort this mess out, yet again another kitchen disaster.

Current mood: determined


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