Fight Song

One sad & sorry mother fucker of a security guard got more than she asked for out of Violet at the recent Marilyn Manson concert after accusing her of smoking in the toilets. What is she – 15?
Security vs. Goth standing in the middle of the foyer at Thebarton Theatre.
“GET FUCKED,” Violet’s screaming. Trying to tell the guard that if she was going to bother smoking she would not be hiding in the toilets.
A sea of Goths parted & there they were fist to fist in the middle of the foyer – what a sight. For people who are happy to slice up any day of the week us Goths are pretty peace minded I must say. This night though, there was no fucking with Violet. She was not going to be told what to do.
I sat back & watched the fight,
“Use your fists & not your mouth…”
“I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers…” raging through my mind…


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