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The Sun & I Love You

For you Mum….
The sun has burst the sky
Because I love you
And the river its banks
The sea laps the great rocks
Because I love you
And takes no heed of the moon dragging it away
And saying coldly ‘Constancy is not for you’.
The blackbird fills the air
Because I love you
With spring & lawns & shadows falling on lawns.
The people walk in the street & laugh
I love you
And far down the river
Ships sound their horns
Crazy with joy because I love you
~~ Jenny Joseph


23 Sugar

I had dinner with Riot Grrrl tonight, my overdue birthday dinner. She gave me this card – I think it is full of sugar & I love the way she picks things that have special meaning. I have missed her. Things have changed so much. We used to stay up past dawn talking & get so drunk or stoned we could not see & fall asleep laughing. Every time I see her, I realise how much I miss that & that version of me. Sometimes I am not sure if it is so good to see her but if I don’t I feel like a part of me is missing that needs to be nourished in only the way Riot Grrrl knows how. There are parts of me that no one can touch as she does, things she knows & places in me she’s been.

23rd Birthday Card 01    23rd Birthday Card 02