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“Do you know we are being led to slaughters by placid admirals & that fat slow generals are getting obscene on young blood? Do you know we are ruled by T.V.?” ― Jim Morrison, An American Prayer

A Fragile Rainbow

© 2020 Violet Ashes

Sometimes I forget just how fragile she is.

I left the house late, 6pm, to go & get some groceries in the hope the shops would be quiet. Just a handful of things – but important things. Like bread, cheese, milk, ham.

While I was gone Cory experienced the full force of an overwhelmed, tired toddler’s complete meltdown. To his credit he didn’t try & rationalise or reason with Violet. He just held her until she fell asleep, sobbing in his arms. It didn’t start over anything in particular. Her brain just stopped processing anything rationally.

When I got home she was passed out, snoring heavily on the couch. I could tell she’d been crying. Cory looked relaxed but perplexed. It is hard, there’s nothing you can do when she works herself up to the point that she’s crying that she’s crying.

I woke her so I could give her some dinner. She said her head was hurting & she started crying again. She asked for medicine. Her eyes were glassy & red & she was cradling her head. Rubbing her eyebrows. So panadol to the rescue.

Now she is sitting on the couch eating her dinner, smiling, laughing, happy. Watching ‘Rainbow Ruby’ which appears to be this generations version of ‘Care Bears’.

There’s so much going on & yet nothing at all. We’re mostly stuck at home. Jack & Violet have been inside the house for a month except for exercise & the occasional run to the post office where they have to wait in the car & I hope they don’t get kidnapped or suffocate…

© 2020 Violet Ashes

We watch them. We explain what’s going on in simplified terms. We try not to scare them but they know that something is very wrong. I argue that they should be scared. Fear stops you doing silly things.

Jack keeps taking everyone’s temperature with his grocery scanner & saying that we are ’37’ or ‘100% ouch’. Then he gives us a bandaid. Violet keeps packing her backpack with all of her precious things & knows where her shoes are at all times in case she has to run from the virus. That’s how they make sense of it & protect themselves.

When I see her sleeping I remember just how small & delicate these kids are. Violet is almost 3, Jack is 5. That’s not long to be expected to take on so much. We’re healthy & lucky.

For now, I am content to know she slumbers under a safe roof & she is loved in epic proportions. We protect her & Jack the best we can. The responsibility of guiding them through something I barely cope with, myself, is hard but paramount. And I will do it even if I have to watch a zillion episodes of ‘Rainbow Ruby’ just to make her feel better.

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Sachin by Patil Makarand

Sachin by Patil Makarand

Sachin Tendulkar retires; an amazing player, childhood hero & a good bloke. I will miss watching him play.

“Batsman walk out into the middle alone.
Not Tendulkar.
Every time Tendulkar walks to the crease the whole nation,
tatters & all,
marches with him to the battle arena.
A pauper people pleading for relief,
remission from the life long anxiety
of being Indian,
by joining in spirit their visored saviour.

Wednesday or Friday,
Tendulkar lifts his gleaming bat,
points it like a sword towards the TV
cameras after his customary hundred,
and a million hands go up in blessing;
and in begging, pleading silently
for redemption from the oppressive reality
of their existence; seeking a moment’
liberation from their Indiabondage
through the exhilarating grace of one
accidental bat.
One billion hard-pressed Indians. Just one hero….

The poor Indian lifts his hands to Sachin Tendulkar in supplication:
give us respite, a sense of liberation;
lift us up from the dark pit of our lives
to well-lit places of the imagination
with your skill-wrought perfections.
Give us an idea of what a light thing life ought to be.
Take our blessings; but give us a break. Please win. Win for us…”

By C.P. Surendran


I am in a ridiculous amount of pain right now. The result of sitting in a bean bag for far too long while humouring my sister & her insane love of the Kardashians. What a ridiculous wedding.
I have noticed that chicks seem to like the Kardashians more than men which I find bizarre.
In any event by the time we got all the girls together in one place to watch the wedding, news had already spread of their divorce after only 72 days…


Frakkin’ Fantastic

I have just finished watching the second series of Battlestar Galactica & I have been blown away! What an incredible story, I am addicted.
Digger texted me half way through, saying he was amazed how much he can relate me to Starbuck. I had noticed it myself & it only became more apparent as the episodes went on that it was true, right down to the minor details.
It will be almost a year until I get to see season three. I am wondering if by then my dreams will have stopped – I have dreamed about it every night for weeks now. I’m beginning to wonder if I am going to become one of those crazy obsessed fans who stalk the actors… probably a good thing that I live in Australia.
Reading up on the actress who plays Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) & I discovered we have many things in common, including being born 4 days apart in the same year. She has a tattoo on her arm which says in Latin “Public Property” – something that has been written into the series – I loved that idea.
I am hoping that season three DVD’s are not so far away as a year…