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There Is Always Light

It is raining here again & I love the sound of it. It is so peaceful & makes the whole house so dim & smoky but not pitch black, just a comfortable dark. Like being underwater in the Murray River. If you look up, there is always light.
 I think about Harry in his grave, the small streams of water sliding over the freshly turned earth. A glistening makeshift headstone.
 My niece & nephew came to pay respects last night. Maximus says,
   ‘I’m sorry you died Harry’ as he bends down, rubbing the stone that marks his grave.
 My sister says to Bella,
   ‘At least he’s not in pain now & he can sleep.’
 Bella stops in her tracks, puts her hands on her hips, looks up at her Mum & says,
   ‘He’s not sleeping! He’s dead!’
 She is so right & the statement made me smile at her 5 year old wisdom. What a mind that kid is going to have. I am so proud.

2007 Top Ten

2007 Top Ten (in no particular order)

1. Manson Concert – 11 October


2. The Great Divide – 27 Sept


3. Tori Amos Concert – 21 Sept


4. Finding an old friend on his birthday – 12 October


5. Adelaide Fringe Festival – 24 March


6. New Year’s Day @ Glenelg – 1 January

7. Going with Maximus to the Zoo


8. Nights on the Balcony at home

9. Making the Sensory Panel @ Orlando Wines

10. Heroes


Tyson Boyce: I’m so pissed I missed the Manson concert here in London