For Sale

I have had nightmares almost every night for weeks now. Horrifying nightmares. Every time I wake up I know that the root of it is losing this home. It is this place I cannot face leaving. I cannot accept that I am really going to have to start again.
I feel myself spinning out of control & any happiness I had gained slipping away. They put the ‘For Sale’ sign up yesterday & every single time I come back to what I felt was my home just fills me with bitter disappointment. I feel shattered & betrayed. If I leave I feel like I’ll be destroying a part of who I have become.
I fought long & hard to get into this house. To make changes in my life. To regain lost relationships with my family. I was on the right path & now I will lose that chance. I should have fought harder; I thought I had more time.


Sale on Body Parts

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