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Motivational Fig

This year I have a motivational word by which I want to define my year: ‘Growth’. Emotional growth – sure. Knowledge growth; definitely. However, the biggest part of my life in which I want to experience growth is my garden. Growing things, being outside & teaching my kids how to grow food & work together to build something is one of the reasons we moved a bit further out in the country two years ago.

There is freedom here, not complete freedom, but space & quiet that we didn’t have before. It has helped clear my mind & my heart of a lot of things that were holding me back in my growth. I think I have had a peek into the life I have always wanted — but it will take growth.

I have not published a blog since September 2016. A lot has happened in that space. Most importantly, we met our final family member, the beautiful Violet. I plan to add a few blogs that will fill in that time so life makes sense, but I might not get a chance. In any event, the last year has certainly been challenging. I not only met my daughter but my Son turned 2. He is a running, yelling, conversing, building machine & keeping me on my toes. Unfortunately, I also lost two of my best friends this year quite unexpectedly. The loss of those two souls in my life has left a silent hole in my heart. I have many unanswered questions. I miss them daily, hourly, minutely. I wish they were here to play with my kids & chat about our lives. There is so much I could say that trying to find the words leaves me exhausted.

In any case, to mark the beginning of 2018 growth we planted a healthy green Fig tree in our back yard. He was a gift to me from a friend (RG) & has been lovingly tended to since he was a seedling. He has been ready to find a permanent place in our yard for a little while but today seemed like the right time. It will be interesting to see how his growth matches my own. The soil here is mostly clay so it will be a challenge to keep him healthy but what’s growth without challenge?

Fig Tree

Jack & our newly planted Fig Tree

Glorious Construction

A short evening stroll A short evening stroll tonight led me to a glorious sunset. 🌅❤💜


Freeling, South Australia. ©Violet Ashes 2016



It was a relief to see something so beautiful in the sky last night after the terror of the last few days of bushfire in South Australia. I’m so thankful my family are safe. ❤💜

Sunset Ribbons

Sunset 142 ©Violet Ashes 2014

Sunset 142 ©Violet Ashes 2014

A crackled orange ribbon floats through a bruised & clouded sky.
As I peer through my camera lens I start to wonder why
With all this beauty at the end of the day
It took me so long to work my way
Out to the balcony to view the sunset every day.
©Violet Ashes 2014

Every night the sky is a constant surprise to me. Even the sunsets under a dark grey sky with barely any colour still hold interest & the emotion it elicits in me is extraordinary.

My Sunset 365 Project (You can visit HERE) is a third of the way through & although almost every day I forget I have got to go out & take the photo I have managed to do it & also enjoy it. I have seen incredible colour in the sky – sometimes I cannot believe it is real & often comment to Corsmor that no one is going to believe I haven’t photoshopped the colour.

In fact, sometimes the hardest part is finding a quote to match the beauty of the sky. I could not find one today, so I wrote one…

GeoCaching Adventures

Corsmor & I have had some wonderful adventures in our time together. Every where we would go we would find something interesting to do & something neither of us had seen before. Almost a year ago we discovered something that facilitated these adventures & has taken us to places we would never have otherwise visited.


My Dad (Sparky) mentioned it in conversation over coffee one morning & I was a bit miffed that I had not heard of it before. So we looked into it & we have been hooked ever since.

So I headed to the internet. I found & read the FAQ’s. I signed up & made up a team name for Corsmor & I. I bought a handheld GPS. I looked up, tracked & found my first Geocache. I was hooked.

So for those of you who have not heard of Geocaching – here is my run-down. It is an orienteering treasure hunt. It runs world-wide & is constantly changing. There are multiple treasures & maps to that treasure. It is fun, exhilarating & at times exhausting.

Participants use a hand-held GPS (or if you don’t have one, there is ‘an app for that’ available from to search for, hide & locate containers called ‘Caches’ that contain all manner of things from information, toys, swaps, & trackable items.

The search for these containers can take you to a quick roadside stop, tourist attractions or places of interest you may not have known existed. For us, this was the best part. Heading off into the bush or down dirt roads we had never travelled before has landed us in some quirky, beautiful & wonderful places – often with breathtaking views, something to have a bit of a giggle at; we have even watched whales in the ocean.

Usually a Cache will be a small water-proof container. In this you will find a log where you must sign your team name & date. Usually the container will have trinkets as mentioned before & you can make swaps for a bit of fun. Our emblem is a sparrow so we always put in a silver sparrow charm for someone to swap & we try to pick up something interesting we can trade somewhere else.

There are many nuances to Geocaching. Much too many to count or relay here. What I can say is that it is highly enjoyable & highly addictive. Corsmor & I have been known to spend entire weekends geocaching. The great thing about is that it gets you out in the world. You see new things, meet new people & you learn to communicate in an even better way.

At times, I will admit, I can grow quite frustrated. Corsmor is our driver & I am the navigator. This can cause friction – but it usually ends in laughter. Especially when I have turned the map around so many times I might as well be looking at a blank sheet of paper. What it has helped me with is my sense of direction. My instincts have improved as far as direction & what looks like a certain ‘cache location’. It’s also great exercise.

We have also met some great people in our travels. Fellow Geocachers who are doing the same thing we are doing while pretending not to do it at all. It is a lot of fun.

So if you like adventure or find yourself with a boring day ahead check out (I promise, they’re not paying me to write this!) & get started. You won’t regret it.

Here are some of the amazing & weird things we’ve seen along our travels we never would have known were there otherwise:

‘Astro La Vista, Baby!’ – GCM4N8

Cache Owner – TeamAstro.
Hidden: 24th November 2004 / Found: 16th September 2013
Pump Station in the Gilbert Valley, South Australia

This was a ‘multicache’ where you head to a certain set of GPS coordinates provided on & from there you find & receive new coordinates. You keep doing this until you get to the final location where you will locate the final cache. In this case it was a disused heritage pump station & Corsmor had to attach a guide line to his belt & disappear down a long tunnel counting the steps until he found the cache.

GeoHubby at Astro

GeoHubby at Astro


Astro La Vista Baby

Astro La Vista Baby









‘Ghostly Gum’ GC27GD9
Cache Owner – OrangeAngels
Hidden 26th April 2010 / Found: 30th September 2013

Back roads of Coffin Bay, South Australia
It was a quick ‘drive-by’ cache with a funny looking tree. It gave us a bit of a laugh.

Ghostly Gum

Ghostly Gum

‘Top of the World’ GC16TQA
Cache Owner – TheMundsters
Hidden 20th October 2007 / Found: 31st March 2013
Beautiful view from a hill at Mount Crawford, South Australia

Top of The World

Top of The World

Top of The World

Top of The World