Why do people say “just move on”, “take the high road or “let it go?” I do not understand these terms. I do not understand how something that was, & now isn’t, can just be erased? How do you just turn it off?

When someone decides to end a friendship with you, & not by telling you but by pulling away or shutting you out of their lives, how do you let it go without asking why?

How do you let the friendship pass without ever knowing why? How do you cope knowing you will have to keep seeing them, because they are part of your circle, while also knowing you are not friends anymore.

Obviously you have done something wrong? Obviously they do not want to tell you or don’t know how? Surely if you just strike up a conversation it will be okay? But it isn’t, is it. It’s awkward, it’s strained. You feel wrong, you feel alone. They make you feel small & they don’t seem bothered whether you live or die. They don’t ask you how you are, they are disinterested when you talk about your life & when you ask about theirs they don’t share anything meaningful. Where once there was a fertile & engaging friendship their is now distance & nonchalant conversation.

In your heart you know that you have to walk away. You have to maintain your dignity. Somehow you must accept this new arrangement & that you will never know the reason why.

But how. How?


That’s How by Loonaki D5ppnzh on DeviantArt


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