Trigger Happy

I saw this image on Tumblr today from the movie ‘Léon (The Professional)’ (1994). It reminded me of an old friend from Canada – it was his favourite film & quickly became one of my all-time favourites – partly because he liked it & the gap in our ages felt like that in the movie – but because it was about a lost little girl who clings to a man who is also lost an during those years (1997-2001) I could relate to that. He teaches her a bit about guns & a bit about patience & it was good for me because I was irascible & trigger happy.
Perhaps it was one of those strange – feels – like – it’s – fate – coincidences that I saw this picture. I feel a little like that lost girl again & after seeing this picture I got back in touch with Ray just to tell him I saw the picture & say “I hope you’re doing well”.
I hope I hear from him soon but it’s been a while & he has a lot going on.
I am going to sit down & watch ‘Léon’ again this afternoon. I wonder if it will be as cool & educational as I remember.

Leon (The Professional) (1994)

Leon (The Professional) (1994)

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