He told me that my name was pretty;
Kissed me hard & revealed “I had to know”.
There were fireworks under a tiny roof in traffic.
Salt & pepper hair drifted across his forehead
And then through my pining piano fingers.
Heavy thoughts, choices made,
Crafted, conscious waiting, a lingering longing.
Our beating hearts, inseparable.
On that first day you watched my car pull in,
I watched you cool & easy on the corner.
The stalk. The hug hello. The perfect day.
A long walk up the stairs with you behind me,
A blurred movie rolling in an art deco cinema.
Wilting – waiting – willing your soft touch on me.
My drive home now absent from memory
Bar the thoughts indescribable of you
Lifetimes lived already, apart, alone.
An eager thrill filled my mind; could I want to?
Make an ordinary life — with him?
And no one could have told us that
As he kisses me there are fireworks, still.
Under a tiny suburban roof,
His salt & pepper hair, her pining piano fingers.
A life,
A dream,
A knowing.

©Violet Ashes

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