Raining Valentine Dreams

I had a wonderful weekend. Corsmor took me to a restaurant in Adelaide called ‘Sparrows Kitchen & Bar’ where we had a magnificent meal; the duck doughnut was a definite highlight. We watched the summer rain fall over Adelaide & discussed moving to Sydney – I am sure it was a dream.
Saturday we milled around at home & spent the evening in bed… we’ve still got it despite being old & married… It was nice being so close to him.
Sunday we went off to the Gepps X Markets – we picked up  some veggies for a Jamie Oliver curry we are going to attempt – I am sure it will be a failure but it will be fun trying to get there. We saw the Love Shack crew down there with 2 giant watermelons. Made me laugh, Leo has not changed.
Australia lost the cricket which ruined the weekend for Corsmor a bit. It was a pretty boring game but I sat through it despite wanting to strangle myself – & the Aussie Cricket Team.
Corsmor is at training this week for some kind of truck licence – he’s had a lot of training through work which is great but so many of the things he talks about weigh on my mind, his new career is a bit scary to a wife… I never really know if he’s happy there – I’m not even sure if that matters to him the way it matters to me. I guess we all complain about all sorts of things but at the end of the day we end up going back there don’t we. Or are we just masochists?



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