Depreciating Asset

Work is piling on at the moment & I am feeling pressure in the back of my head. I constantly feel I am going to be blamed for things that go wrong at work & I am not certain why this is, as, I have never really been blamed for anything. It is this workplace this attitude seems bred into the walls & I think almost all the employees feel the same way. There is a certain ‘blame game’ culture that really gets into your pores & eats you alive.
A few days ago Quinn said something to me which I will never forget – “nobody comes to work to do a bad job. Everybody tries their hardest or what is the point?” I really like that attitude. I believe it is very true. It certainly is for me. I have never attended work with a slacker attitude or purposely done something that would harm anyone or the company. It is important to me to do the best job I can do at all times.
I think, in part, this is from where this culture of fear stems. Employees are coming to work with this attitude but it is not being appreciated. In fact, it is being depreciated. There are Managers & co-workers who want to appear at the ‘top’ who will step on you or downplay your achievements in order to get there. This is even happening between co-workers who should be supporting each other. As each employee feels their position is in jeopardy so they begin to fight for attention & even lie about other employees to get on top.
What I cannot work out is, since this is happening at all levels of the company, how is this sustainable? How is a culture of fear & cannibalism sustainable or effective? Surely an atmosphere of (healthy) competition where those who are truly outstanding are rewarded & those who are not are developed & supported with what they need to be outstanding would work better?
How does one change an entire culture so that you do not get swallowed by poor management?
How does one survive in a place like this without becoming one of them?

Let me know what you think...

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