All night tonight while I have been trying to relax there has been nothing but Heath Ledger. Every fucking ad break. Now they are doing a tribute to him on Saturday. Why? Because he is dead & they suddenly realise what he is worth? All these bullshit stories coming out like because he is dead it must be something torrid or untoward.
Why? Can 28 year olds not die of pneumonia? Or a heart attack? Why must it be that he took every pill & was fucking every woman in Hollywood or a curse because he was dating Kate Hudson – if he was dating her, at all. Imagine how his ex feels & that poor little 2 year old girl who is the same age as Maximus. Now without a daddy. Who will ever know what really happened to him & why he was half way across the world in an apartment instead of with his child. That poor little girl.
I know I do not know this person called Heath Ledger. I know I will never know him. But that does not mean that I do not feel sad, because I do, I always do. Every time I know someone is dead. There is a strange thing that happens to me. I am fascinated by death & its affect on people – especially on me. Is it because it is so mysterious that people have to make up all these stories? “Welcome to 10’s late news, Heath Ledger, Heath Ledger, Heath Ledger….” I am going to bed.
Mood: Frustrated

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