Delete or not to delete. That is the question. When someone sends a text message that you feel is important for whatever reason, do you keep them? Even if it is for years? Would you delete it because someone asked you to?
This afternoon Violet & I sat down for a conversation on the lawn & she told me how she finds herself keeping text messages that she feels are important & sometimes, some that are not but she likes what they say. Perhaps it is because she likes how they make her feel is what I suggested. She had some strange reasons for deleting them. Apart from the obvious “my phone was full” she explained that sometimes it just felt right. Like something had come to an end & she didn’t need to rely on that text message to make her feel that way anymore.
Personally I delete everything straight away in case someone happens to scroll through my phone. Many things in there I don’t wish certain people to read or have access to. I cannot risk my words being misconstrued, or my text partner for that matter. So, in the event that something is sent to you, that marks some sort of occasion or turning point – what is your protocol? When is the right time to delete something you have been hanging on to for years?
Current mood: infuriated
Corsmor (aka Metatron)
“I don’t deliberately keep messages, however, I do go through many, many, many phones. It’s nice to read through very old conversations, even the bad ones. There’s also the ‘you said’ factor that always comes in handy for those occasions when one is accused of saying something…. but in general I think messages should be deleted as soon as my memories full..”

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