Spring Diamonds

Total unadulterated cleaning frenzy tonight – no idea why. Not able to live in this house unless it’s spotless – how OCD of me. I really dislike this house despite every visitor’s insistence that it has a ‘good energy’ (whatever that means) – I just don’t know how to live in it. Violet tells me there are way too many natives in the garden which I had to laugh at. She didn’t think it was funny at all.

There are two rooms we don’t even use that are packed full of stuff that we rarely use – or maybe we would if it wasn’t so cold. I’m not complaining really because, of course, it is a special thing to have a roof over one’s head. Just being picky about the type of roof it is…

So anyway I cleaned the kitchen from top to toe while listening to Tool – oh so motivational… Just as I had finished I reached into the cupboard to grab some coffee when I knocked over the entire canister of breadcrumbs. All over the cupboard, floor —everywhere. Like as if subconsciously I had not done enough cleaning already…. now everywhere I walk in the house I hear crunch crunch crunch because there are crumbs stuck to the bottom of my ugg boots. Ugh.

Did I mention all this occurred after a hard day of slavery @ the office? I mean – just what the hell am I thinking. I will sleep well tonight no doubt… (as long as I can get Violet to get the fuck out of my bedroom) which will make a nice change compared to the last few nights of, oh say about, 3 hours each. Enough is enough!

Watched a movie called “Blood Diamond’ last night -and while I was and am still dubious about the whole thing it does make a girl think twice about that shiny rock she might want on her finger in the years to come. See it if you haven’t already and you will know just what I mean. See it just for Jennifer Connolly -who so rarely pops up on our screens these days. Wow she is one beautiful woman.

Current mood: productive


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