Tears Like Glycerine

I have slept all these days & now I find myself unable to close my eyes… I have lost so much these recent years & only gained a little. I never let myself think that things could be improving, it is just tempting fate & let’s face it fate has rarely been my friend… Chewy is at work tonight, began night shift yesterday & already I am finding it lonesome… I miss his space invading mine. I face two problems:
1. I am forever caught up in moments, never letting anything slip by, analysing every moment
2. The solution I am told is to just let the days go by, to relax. Well I do not want to let the days go by, I will miss so much & I refuse to miss those little things & all of those rare big things. I am told that I rarely see the ‘big picture’ because I am so caught in the little details… I like them… I will not sink in this skin. I will not let the days go by. I will let these tears fall & shimmer like glycerine…

Glycerine – Bush (1995)
Must be your skin that I’m sinking in
Must be for real ‘cos now I can feel
& I didn’t mind it’s not my kind
Not my time to wonder why
Everything’s gone white
& everything’s grey
Now you’re here now you’re away
I don’t want this remember that
I’ll never forget where you’re at
Don’t let the days go by
I’m never alone
I’m alone all the time
Are you at one
Or do you lie
We live in a wheel
Where everyone steals
But when we rise it’s like strawberry fields
I treated you bad
You bruise my face
Couldn’t love you more
You got a beautiful taste
Don’t let the days go by
Could have been easier on you
I couldn’t change though I wanted to
Could have been easier by three
Our old friend fear & you & me Glycerine
Don’t let the days go by
I needed you more
When we wanted us less
I could not kiss just regress
It might just be
Clear simple & plain
That’s just fine that’s just one of my names
Don’t let the days go by
Could’ve been easier on you

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