I had a call from Chesty tonight after we met at Nova. So much is going on at work, I am not sure where to ever start or even if I should.
I wrote to PJ today to talk about I feel about her recent behaviour. I received no reply – I did not really expect to. No-one wants to hear negative things about themselves. I believe I am correct in my assessment of her but I would be open to an explanation from her. My gut tells me it is the end of our friendship & although I am sorry for that, I think I tried my best under the circumstances.
Although I did not intend to have exposed my family to someone who could be this hurtful I managed to misjudge PJ badly which concerns me.
I am watching Survivor as I write. There are similarities with work 🙂 Only we never get to vote anyone off the island. I hate that I keep getting myself involved in all this crap at work. I would like to be able to step back, put my hands up & say “not interested” but I don’t know how to. I cannot in good conscience let all this keep happening & not at least say something.
Chesty said,
   “I know you are passionate but you need to be quiet for now & let them lose”. It is hard.
I was making soup in the kitchen tonight & behind me I heard
   “shhh, be quiet”. I know who it was. I looked in the window & his reflection was there.
   “Shhh” he said.
   “Be quiet”. He was insistent. I turned around & he was gone.
Now I am feeling a little odd.
I have the 14th off work for Chewy’s hearing. I am a little nervous because I know how confused he can get. I have to think positive that it will be okay. The fact I have not shared any of this with my family  or friends makes it difficult to deal with but I do not want to burden them with this. I also find that the more people know about what is going on in my life the more confused I get because they all have their own opinions on what I should do.

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