Ashes Laws

I reached 100 on my list of Ashes Laws. They are not all my own – but pulled together from various sources. Nevertheless, each one I had to learn.

Now to start on the next 100….

Law 1- You can only rely on yourself
Law 2- You can trust no one but yourself
Law 3- Never mix friendship with passion
Law 4- The star that shines the brightest, is not always the finest
Law 5- Your first thought is always the best
Law 6- The devils cleverest ploy, is to persuade you he doesn’t exist
Law 7- Keep your ears open
Law 8- When the cold wind blows, beware of the frost
Law 9- It’s better to burn twice as bright. Half as long
Law 10- Trust is earned
Law 11- Never underestimate the power of loved ones to deceive
Law 12- Practice makes perfect
Law 13- Time is not to be wasted, it’s the essence that makes life what it is
Law 14- The shadow is just the spirit you denied
Law 15- Fools are the best type of people
Law 16- Cross the line, everyday
Law 17- When all else fails, do it yourself
Law 18- A deal is a deal
Law 19- You gotta go with what works
Law 20- Life isn’t always fair
Law 21- Always watch your back
Law 22- A million miles, can’t keep good friends apart
Law 23- The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife
Law 24- Free advice is seldom cheap
Law 25- The riskier the road, the greater the rewards
Law 26- Every once in a while, declare peace
Law 27- There is no finish line
Law 28- No one ever said life would be easy
Law 29- Play with fire, & you will be burned
Law 30- It never hurts to suck up to the boss
Law 31- Dreams are dreams, & that is all
Law 32- Where there is a happy person, there’s a lonely person behind them
Law 33- The truth is out there
Law 34- Always sleep with one eye open
Law 35- Stand by your decisions, but be willing to accept suggestion
Law 36- When you fall, don’t be afraid to ask for a hand
Law 37- The only lies are the ones you believe
Law 38- Keep your eyes open
Law 39- There is always gold, at the end of every rainbow
Law 40- Keep friends close, & enemies’ closer
Law 41- Always scream fire
Law 42- Love hurts
Law 43- Never trust a man wearing a better suit than your own
Law 44- If the grass on the other side looks greener, fertilise yours
Law 45- Never be afraid to step into the unknown
Law 46- Death is not the end, but a new beginning
Law 47- Live your life, no matter what the consequences
Law 48- Love is not always unconditional
Law 49- There’s a wise man around every corner
Law 50- The love you lost, is always the most remembered
Law 51- Love the second time round is not always better
Law 52- Mistakes made, are lessons learned
Law 53- Every now & then, sit in the dark & remember
Law 54- There is no point in regret
Law 55- Never believe it won’t happen to you
Law 56- Don’t presume to know what someone is thinking
Law 57- Parents know all that you do
Law 58- Alcohol does not make you feel better
Law 59- If you tell the truth, you never have to remember what you lied about
Law 60- Sitting by the phone, won’t make it ring
Law 61- If you believe, anything is possible
Law 62- When you carefully tread through life, you’ll fall every time
Law 63- Money sux
Law 64- The dead do not blame, those left do
Law 65- People never react the way they should
Law 66- Holding off the inevitable, doesn’t make it go away
Law 67- When all you want to do is run, there’s no-where to go
Law 68- Tears don’t help any situation, & they don’t get you sympathy
Law 69- One person CAN make a difference
Law 70- Always leave time to listen to the rain
Law 71- Intuition is the only power that defeats reason
Law 72- Give it time, what else have you got?
Law 73- Honesty is not always the best policy
Law 74- When you recover something lost, it’s never the same as you remember
Law 75- Do not discount that which you do not understand
Law 76- There are things in this universe that your eyes nor ears can ever comprehend
Law 77- Do not let your eyes see nor your ears hear that which they cannot account for
Law 78- Only the good die young
Law 79- Be a believer
Law 80- Energy never dies, it just changes form
Law 81- Never complain, never explain
Law 82- There’s only so much ‘good stuff’
LAW 83- Smack bang in the middle of the word ‘believe’ is ‘lie’
Law 84- Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow
Law 85- Don’t always trust your eyes, they can deceive you
Law 86- Forgive what you can’t excuse
Law 87- The things we remember best are those better forgotten
Law 88- Time will not heal
Law 89- We win by tenderness; we conquer by forgiveness
Law 90- Forgive all in others, but nothing in yourself
Law 91- Nothing is more sterile, more costly than vengeance
Law 92- Vengeance can be fun, but is always at an innocent’s expense
Law 93- All the answers are inside, you just have to know where to look
Law 94- If you refuse to leap you will fall, if you take the chance you will fly
Law 95- Know the male, yet keep to the female
Law 96- A man of God remains a man
Law 97- If you fear the leap you will topple over the steps
Law 100- If blood be thicker than water then husband & wife stay as strangers

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